Entrepreneurial Resources

SCORE, North Central Ohio

Dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and helping small businesses.

A mission to improve and enhance the quality of life in Richland County

Responsible for overseeing workforce innovation and opportunity act (WIOA) funds

Sundown Group

Pitch Events for Entrepreneurs

Accelerating Ohio’s economy by helping people start and maintain businesses.

A regional government agency focused on land and transportation use.

federal programs to create a comprehensive workforce.

Driven young professionals looking to make a difference.

Promoting the economic viability of our area through economic, workforce and community development.

Economic Development for a strong business community.

Helping manufacturers of North Central Ohio prosper.

Helping students jump-start their futures with technology programs.

Develops and enhances the business community in the city of Ontario.

OSU extends its courses and curicula through its Mansfield campus.

A mission to improve the quality of life in the North End community.

A Multi-county economic development partnership

A community based two year educational institution.

Ontario Growth Corp.

Dedicated to strengthening Manufacturing in the Region

Technical Training Programs & Educational Classes

Marketing Richland County through collaborative and cohesive messaging, positioning the region as a desirable choice.

Mansfield is committed to growth and development as well as continuous, ongoing support.

Tech Sprout is a grant program designed to help technology ideas move through the commercialization framework.

DMI’s mission is to stimulate economic development, improve the appearance and create a positive image of the downtown as a desirable place to work, live, visit, shop and invest.

Braintree Business Development Center is an incubation and entrepreneurship program that supports a variety of startup technology companies with a focus on the greater Mansfield and Canton areas.

Revolving Loan Program for small businesses run by Braintree Business Development Center.

A way to connect, a space to work, a sense of belonging, and a path to wellness.