Startup Weekend Mansfield Kicks Off Friday, May 11

Expanding Your Market with Lisa Delp will take place Friday May 11 at Idea Works

Calling all Entrepreneurs - from Zipper Makers to Drone Technologists - YOU can make the U.S. Military Safer, Smarter and more Effective!

Lisa Delp, Former Executive Director of Ohio's Third Frontier and inaugural organizer of “Technology Requirements & Innovation Awareness Days” (TRIAD) in Columbus, Ohio, will join us for a fun Q&A about how your Startup Weekend Mansfield business idea could serve the U.S. defense market. 


Lisa Delp

will discuss ways in which you can get tangible help from and exposure to combatant command tech and product scouts who have the potential to be game-changing customers for small businesses and startups! 

That small business idea you've always had; you may think it has nothing to do with the U.S, military but join us to find out the type of potential your idea could have!

Tickets to this event are FREE, but we would ask that you register by clicking the button below:

About Techstars Startup Weekend & Startup Weekend Mansfield: 

Techstars Startup Weekend is an opportunity to take that lingering idea for a business that you have, and turn it into something real. An opportunity to meet new and interesting people, all of whom have the same entrepreneurial spirit. An opportunity to test you own skills, ideas, and valour in the face of an entrepreneurial career.

This opportunity takes place over a 54-hour period, wherein business-minded individuals meet, pitch business ideas, break up into teams, and develop a plan for making that business possible. The end result is the validation that your idea could work in the real world, a plan on how to make that a reality, and the confidence to do something with it.

For the very first time, we are bringing Startup Weekend to Mansfield, so make sure to spread the word as we jumpstart this new initiative in Mansfield!