Idea Works Member Profile: Jay Miller, DRM Productions, Inc

At Idea Works Ohio, our vision is to become a melting pot of working professionals - from young to old, seasoned entrepreneurs to those launching their first start-up. After all, how can we be a place where "ideas come together" if we don't have a variety of thought. 

Less than a year into this thing, we're seeing our vision take shape with several new members starting to use our co-working space in 2018. And there are still plenty of backpack memberships and dedicated desks available. 

As we accept new members, we will continue to highlight them here so you can get to know them better. First up, a quick Q&A with Jay Miller, Owner of DRM Productions, Inc. 

 Meet Jay Miller

Meet Jay Miller

Jay, tell us a little bit about what you do.

My main focus is sales and marketing, but as a business owner, my role is anything from sales to HR to janitor!

When did you become an Idea Works member?

I joined Idea Works early on, I think I was one of the first members. 

What attracted you to Idea Works? How did it meet your needs?

I love entrepreneurship, new ideas, brainstorming, and outside the box thinking. Idea Works is a hub for that activity in Mansfield!

What is your business goal?

One business goal is to grow our presence in the digital signage market by developing a scalable sales process. 

Do you prefer Apple or Android?

Apple...Android? I've broken both!

Who is your number 1 business inspiration?

Elon Musk

You're stuck on a dessert island for 6 months (but have WiFi), you can only choose 1 piece of technology to have + 1 social media platform to use...what are they?

If i'm stuck on an island, i'll be working on my tan for 6 months!

We're happy to have Jay Miller as a part of the Idea Works family! You can connect with him on LinkedIn here and schedule a meeting with him here.