Idea Works Member Profile: Jay Allred

Time for another Idea Works member profile!

If you live in the Mansfield area, chances are you're familiar with this next member. If you've scheduled a tour at Idea Works or inquired about co-working opportunities, you've most likely encountered Jay Allred. 

Jay Allred_IW Member Profile.png

Here's a little bit more about Jay, in his own words: 

I lead the team at Richland Source & Knox Pages, which are local online news organizations that cover a four county area in Ohio, with a focus on Solutions Journalism. My job here is to create a cultural and financial environment where employees can do their very best work.

Here at Idea Works, I sit on the board and work with my colleagues to manage the facility and make sure we provide the best possible experience for members.

Previously, I was involved in the imaging business where I led a successful startup.

Beyond that... family, friends, cycling, and the quest for the perfect cup of coffee are at the top of my list. Did I mention I make lists? Lots of lists.

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