IdeaWorks is doing a Kitchen Remodel!

In order to create more workspace and convenience for members, we’re remodeling our kitchen. Idea Works is growing more popular, and President, Jay Allred says, “We were concerned that we would have too few places for people to sit down and go to work.”

We are downsizing the kitchen in order to create more free space for our members to work, have meetings, etcetera. The area is separated from the main space, making it quieter and ideal for meetings.

“We wanted to provide more convertible space so that members could change to use for their purposes, and we wanted to make the kitchen area more workable for caterers who come in for individual events we are holding,” says Allred.

In June we completed the creation of our podcast studio which was the start of revamping the space in the back of the building. “The podcast studio was completed in June, and now we are making the kitchen a bit smaller but much more efficient and modern.”


The project should start sometime in July and we’re hoping to have it up and running by September 1st. Stay tuned for progress reports on the blog!

We have a busy (but super cool) August...

We have a busy (but super cool) August...

Introducing the Idea Works Podcast Studio