Introducing the Idea Works Podcast Studio

Welcome to Mid-Ohio's first four-mic studio designed specifically for podcasting.

According to the Infinite Dial 2018, forty-four percent of the U.S population has listened to a podcast, and sixty-four percent have at least heard of the term "podcasting." Seventeen percent (48 million) listen to podcasts weekly.

Here at Idea Works, we have built a professional podcast studio to better the sound quality of the podcasts recorded here and give others an opportunity to record. Podcasts are an important form of storytelling and we think it's important to expand our resources and tools. 

The project began about three months ago. "Most of the work was DIY, but we had some much needed help from Miller Electric and J&B Acoustical." says Jay Allred. The studio doors were installed June 11th, 2018, completing the project. 

The podcast studio will be available to all Idea Works members beginning June 18. Regular training sessions for all members will be provided starting in June. "It can look a little intimidating, but it's really very simple to operate and use," says Allred. All Idea Works amenities are available for rental to non-members. The podcast studio will be as well. More details on pricing and availability to come.

“Idea Works is a shared work space that helps organizations succeed through a combination of inspiring space, collaboration, professional resources, and education. This new studio makes us capable of end-to-end video and audio production in the center of Downtown Mansfield. That matters because so much of business and brand development happens on the web.”



IdeaWorks is doing a Kitchen Remodel!

Co-working success! Our member's accomplishments

Co-working success! Our member's accomplishments