Idea Works Member Profile: Evan Ryan

Our third Idea Works Member Profile features another CEO. This time, it's Evan Ryan, who founded his own technology business, Abundat

Ryan has been an Idea Works member since shortly after we opened our doors in the summer of 2017. We're happy to have him aboard and pulled him away from his busy schedule recently for a quick Q&A:

Evan Ryan_IW Member Profile.png

Can you tell us, in one sentence, what Abundat is?

We level the playing field for small businesses accessing and implementing technology.

When did you become an Idea Works member?

I became an IW member August/September 2017

What attracted you to our co-working space?

I thought the space was excellent and was impressed with the access to resources each business has.

Apple or Android?


Who is your #1 business inspiration?

Elon Musk.

You're stuck on a dessert island for 6 months (but have WiFi!), you can only choose 1 piece of technology to have + 1 social media platform to use...what are they?

Technology to have: iPhone X so I can take great pictures, social media platform to use: Twitter