Co-working success! Our member's accomplishments

Co-working success! Our member's accomplishments

Since we opened our doors just under one year ago, Idea Works members have turned these ideas into a reality.

One of the fun things about a co-working space is having the ability to share in the success of others.

In just under a year, we've seen a community of entrepreneurs, journalists, marketers, animators, filmmakers, programmers, health professionals, and start-up organizations achieve some of their biggest ideas, which were all worked on at 40 W 4th St in downtown Mansfield. 

Consider us the proud parents of these successful individuals and teams! Here's some of what our members have done since the day we opened: 

Produced a full-length Hollywood action film 

Lionsgate Films used the generous amount of space and resources at Idea Works as a headquarters for the production of Escape Plan 3, featuring Sylvester Stallone. 

Have been invited to participate in national summits

Jay Allred was asked to join over 20 other leaders in media, politics, civic engagement, and philanthropy to discuss innovative ways to strengthen our democracy at the Pluribus Project - a special initiative with the Aspen Institute. 

Obtained the region's first and only TEDx license

In December of 2017, one of our original members, Tracy Graziani of Graziani Multimedia and Tog Loft, successfully applied to bring a TEDx conference to Mansfield. A committee has been formed and this event is expected to take place in Q4 of 2018. 

Have been approved to host a StartUp Weekend

Techstars Startup Weekend is an opportunity to turn your ideas for business into something real, and meet others with the same motive. For the first time, Startup Weekend is coming to Mansfield. Idea Works member Heather Tsavaris helped with this project.

Successfully launched two full stack apps

Evan Ryan has used part of his time at Idea Works to launch new apps for local businesses, Two Cousins Pizza and Mind Body Align. 

Applied for the Pulitzer Prize

Brittany Schock, of Richland Source, was urged by people familiar with the process to apply for the Pulitzer Prize for her work on 2017's Solutions Journalism project, Healing Hope.

Launched two major Solutions Journalism projects

The Richland Source newsroom has also launched two new solutions projects for 2018. Rising from Rust and Gray Matters are underway. 

Organized a week-long trip to SXSW in Austin, Texas

Through collaboration with the Richland Area Chamber and The Richland County Foundation, a group of people in Mansfield have organized a trip to South by Southwest (SXSW) to find ideas from the sharpest minds and latest technology trends around the world to implement here at home. 

Partnered with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!)

Idea Works partnered with the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) by giving them an opportunity to use the co-working space in Idea Works. This provided the students with real-world experience in business, and the ability to communicate with fellow entrepreneurs. 


Andy Gardner and Jennifer Enskat, of Leap Year Films, announced their new documentary project, "The Bride Price," about the tragedy of Malawian child brides. They have successfully begun a fundraising campaign to travel to Malawi to make the film.

Created a podcast studio

Idea Works is building a professional podcast and audio voice-over studio for our members. Combined with existing video editing gear, the studio will provide a complete end-to-end solution for multimedia creation at Idea Works. The studio will be open for rental to the public as well.

Hosted a marketing seminar

Idea Works hosted a collaborative digital marketing morning of education and fun with nearly a dozen digital marketing pros from all over the region and nearly one hundred attendees. 






IdeaWorks is doing a Kitchen Remodel!

IdeaWorks is doing a Kitchen Remodel!

Startup Weekend Mansfield Kicks Off Friday, May 11

Startup Weekend Mansfield Kicks Off Friday, May 11