“I’m not an entrepreneur, Startup Weekend isn’t for me”

A guest post from Mansfield Startup Weekend Team member Edward Akinyemi

This is one of the most common points of resistance we get when we pitch Startup Weekend Mansfield to potential participants.

“I’m not an entrepreneur, I’m just a regular person working in a factory/a company/a shop downtown. Entrepreneurship is only for young people with business degrees, coders, developers, and that type of folk.”

What to expect at Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is coming to Mansfield for the very first time. As your dedicated organizers, we’ve been busy organizing what we hope will be a wonderful and exciting event for everyone involved. Given that we’re so focused on making this a great weekend for all those participating, we want to make sure that you know exactly what to expect from this energetic weekend. First, the logistics.

We have a busy (but super cool) August...

At IdeaWorks, the month of August is packed with exciting events. Check 'em out.

Cost for members: $0
Cost for non-members: $0
Get immediate feedback on current ventures and/or professional goals from an "Entrepreneur in Residence" (EIR), based on his or her success in starting and managing successful enterprises! The program offers the following:

IdeaWorks is doing a Kitchen Remodel!

In order to create more workspace and convenience for members, we’re remodeling our kitchen. Idea Works is growing more popular, and President, Jay Allred says, “We were concerned that we would have too few places for people to sit down and go to work.”

Col. Crawford student receives more than $1,000 to start backsplash business

SHELBY -- Colonel Crawford junior Ian Dzugan has always believed in his business idea, but he was still shocked Wednesday night when a panel of investors proved they too saw the potential. 

Dzugan only requested $617, but he received $1,065 to start Design Pull, a business selling magnetic tile backsplashes. He and nine other students pitched seven business ideas at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy's third annual investor panel at the Kehoe Center in Shelby.